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Why Caribbean Coast

HOLA !!  Hello from Costa Rica…….

You may be asking, “WHY should I consider  the  Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica ??”

MANY and varied reasons!

More bang for your buck here. This Province of Limon has not been Gringoized, so the cost of goods and services are  reasonable. Acres of pristine land available for a fraction of the price on the Pacific coast.

Growth is occurring, at a steady rate in business, education, and quality of life

The New Port of Moin is progressing towards finished and will create many jobs and opportunity here.

NATURE is abundant. We stay GREEN here all year. No miserable droughts, plenty of rainfall to keep all the wildlife  happy and thriving.

Three of the 10 best cities for expansion and growth are here in a 50 mile radius.

Natural Beaches and Tortugero National Park are HERE.

Come spend a few days with us, let us show you our area and all there is to offer …… you have nothing to loose, and a new life style waiting.